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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the site require an invite code or charge a registration fee?
  • Our goal is to ensure that spammers and scammers do not gain access to our site. Sending invite codes to known and trusted individuals prevents this.
  • Alternatively, charging a small fee to register on our site drastically reduces the chances of a spammer from registering. It also forces scammers to use a CC with a registered address that can be given to law-enforcement if necessary, which should hopefully deter scammers too.
  • We will occasionally distribute invite codes to our current users, since “friends of friends” can be a good way to carefully expand access.
  • Note that we wish to eventually charge a modest annual subscription fee to our users (see: 'Why charge for access to this site?')
Is there an age requirement on the site?
  • Yes, we require all participants to be at least 18 years of age. We wish to engage in adult conversations, and although many children in the 14-17 age range often demonstrate a maturity beyond their years, this is not always guaranteed. Also, given the hot water that some social media companies have found themselves in when minors have been mistreated, we wish to avoid this situation entirely.
Why charge for access to this site?
  • In order for us to meet our objective of treating users as customers (not product), we need to be primarily funded by our users, not advertisers.
  • The easiest way to ensure that you are who you say you are when you sign up is to charge a payment to a credit-card. Our goal is to eliminate scammers, spammers, and trolls and prevent their signup. Trolls are only discovered after-the-fact, but this will hopefully allow us to prevent them signing up again with a different email.
  • Also, it helps meet our minimum age policy.
Why build another social-media site?
  • We loved the social media sites that existed in the mid to late aughts. But we feel that they’re now ruined by a barrage of annoying ads (especially when accompanied with sound), sponsored content some algorithm thinks we should like, crazy conspiracy theories, and offensive political content. We yearn for a fast, simple, pleasant social-media experience without any of that, and so we set out to build it.
  • We wanted a single site that could bring together car enthusiasts to chat about and sell cars on a fun platform. A site where one could go from one area of interest to another, from Volvo to Acura, from Audi to Porsche and everything in between.
  • We wanted a site where user value was our metric of success, not advertiser revenue. Hence, we want to be primarily user funded, and not be beholden to the desire of advertisers.
  • We won’t try to track your activity on other sites, or try to build a profile of “who” you are, what you might like, how you might vote, not just because we don’t think we should be creepy but because we simply don’t need this information to sell to advertisers.
Why build another car auction platform?
  • It didn’t sit right with us that car auction sites charge both the seller AND the buyer for the same transaction. In some cases, the buyer’s fee can be $4000 to $5000 on a high-end vehicle. We don’t have our pricing strategy figured out just yet, but we believe that (just like most markets) the seller should pay for the cost of the sale, and it should be a reasonable cost.
  • Current car auction sites are very frictiony to list your car, with the auction site vetting the content, and forcing their process on the seller. We believe that the seller is perfectly capable of listing the car themselves without interference, and that the community can flag/remove/moderate any content that should not be listed.
Why was a post, auction, or comment removed?
  • All content can be flagged by our community for being inappropriate or unwanted. If enough people flag the content, it will automatically be removed.
  • Moderators or administrators may also “lock” or delete the content.
What content should be flagged?
  • Any “ad hominem” attack on the person (rather than the subject matter).
  • The rough guideline should be the answer to the question “would you say that to the person’s face” – if the answer is “no”, then it probably shouldn’t be written either.
  • Any attack on a person’s race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability is completely unacceptable and may lead to immediate account termination.
  • Any discussion of religion or politics. Even a well-intentioned, objective, and honest post will eventually lead to its inevitable “this isn’t going to end well” conclusion.
  • Deep fake content, conspiracy theories, disinformation.
Why don't I see a '...' to edit/delete for all my posts?
  • You can only edit/delete a post or comment within 2 hours of posting.
  • You may only edit/delete an auction within 15 minutes of creating it.
  • After this time, it is not possible to remove or edit or remove the content.
  • Reasoning: The feature exists to correct mistakes. It is not fair to edit an auction after its creation since people may have bid on the item with the original information. Similarly, people may engage with a post/comment and it's only fair for others to see the source for that engagement.
Can I make a suggestion?
  • We’d love to hear from you!
  • Please go to the “General Discussion / Feedback and Suggestions” area on our site and first see if it’s been suggested before, and if so you can “like” the item to say “me too!”. If there’s nothing there already, feel free to create a new post in that area.
  • There’s also the “General Discussion / Bug Reports” area where you can report finding a bug.
  • If you’d prefer to contact us privately, please email our getsupport@ address.
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